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Fully colored sonic character of your choice by marker or Inked image of 2 characters.
Note: if you are extremely complex it will be extra, PLEASE SEND ME YOUR REFERENCE FIRST BY NOTE.
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how do dreams work...?

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 12, 2014, 9:52 AM

 you know it's funny
I've known some people for years
and they never make it into my dreams
 and then there's some people I know that I just met and they are like all up in them
 or I like their char so their char keeps showing up.
Sometimes it's just because I like their chars story or attitude or background. Has nothing to do with the actual person. Very strange. Sometimes that person doesn't hardly ever talk to me AT ALL, it's just as said, character attraction it seems. My brain is odd like that. and then sometimes it has EVERYTHING to do with the actual person. Weird.
There is one person, that even though I've drawn their char for years and years so many times I can draw it no matter where I'm at, they've never made it into my dreams. And then there's chars I've done once or twice or never at all and they some how make it in there and are very real. Recently, it's even done it where I didn't exactly have an image to go by, more of a written description from an RP thing that happened ONCE and just because of character attraction said character was very real in the dream and my mind made up what he looked like. Lately, I either have nightmares about the past, or I have these 'lucid' fantasy dreams. I rather like the fantasy dreams, much better then the other option. So I'll probably start throwing sketches/images of the ones I like the most. Now I CAN'T control what my mind dreams up, so when I do post them, take that in mind, that it's what my mind is dreaming and what not, not something I fantasize about myself. I don't know how dreams work, if they are our true inner desires or what, but either way, they are rather interesting. If you happen to be in them, I'll ask you first if you mind being in it. If you never appear in one, please do not feel bad, as said I can't control it. I already have a couple I'd like to do. One involving ponies for the other account *had a fire mage Rarity in it... and a Warrior Twilight???* and then another one... that I'm not describing yet... Hopefully I don't offend anyone with these... But if I do well um. *blames brain.*

  (If you want to make an appointment for one so you can watch your commission please note me)                     …

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Examples available just note me.…

Tips are much appreciated:…

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When you've lived so long in fear, 
It becomes you, 
And is your pleasure....
What is this life,
But another world,
One of a million others

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Lots to tell, but to give the short version, I'm a single parent of two kids *when I'm not a Little Kiddie Foxbeast running around poking my nose into things I probably shouldn't be*. I took three years of Graphic Design, and started Animation, but due to circumstances, I never finished. I work three jobs, 2 at bakeries as a baker and Cake Decorator * I draw and what not on cakes* and also commissions online as a portion of income. Not sure where I'm headed currently, either in the bakery direction or a Comic Illustrator of some sort, *I'd prefer the latter* but come along for the ride yes? Do take in mind though I'm a tad absent minded, so sometimes you may have to remind me of who you are. Sometimes.


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